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We re-launched Upbeat Active in the UK with our Every Muscle Matters campaign. The campaign drew attention to muscle health and the 657 muscles in your body. The aim was to get the Great British public thinking about how you look after your muscles and how they are central to a healthy lifestyle. As part of the re-launch we partnered Upbeat with the Muscle Help Foundation and launched the #Fuel657 challenge, a social media challenge to get celebrities, influencers and the country thinking about their muscles. 

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The #Fuel657 Journal

The journal contains advice, interviews and a series of editorial including the muscles behind the moments, Love / Hate stories and muscle education. To underline why it’s vital you keep your muscles in good health, we worked with muscle expert Mike Aunger to research exactly how many muscles are involved in everyday activities, from walking the dog (94) to doing the waltz (137) and the hero muscles behind skills like executing the perfect golf drive (gastrocnemius).

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The 657 Challenge

The challenge itself is quick and easy and could be done anywhere, anytime. Simply drop from a standing position into a sitting position and back up again, all the time balancing a full cup of water on your head – the less water you spill, the more impressive! It’s a full-body test of mobility, strength, balance and co-ordination and is designed to get all your muscles moving and hopefully provide a few laughs at the same time!